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  • Thetford N3080 Caravan & Motorhome fridge

    Thetford N3080 Caravan & Motorhome fridge


    Thetford N3080 Caravan and Motorhome Fridge

    The Thetford N3080 Caravan and Motorhome Fridge replaces the Thetford N80 and is a quiet running and compact 3 way, absorption refrigerator making it ideal for campervans, motorhomes or caravans with a limited amount of space to spare!

    A lockable door means that the Thetford N3080 Caravan and Motorhome fridge will stay securely shut whilst your vehicle is in transit, while adjustable door bins, shelving and a bottle slide will keep your goods from moving about or coming loose within the fridge.

    A powerful, high performing compact caravan fridge, the Thetford N3080 has an ample capacity of 81 litres (inclusive of the freezer compartment) making it ideal for essentials and little luxuries and features an electric ignition, manual power source selection.

    Please note: The Thetford N3080 Caravan and Motorhome Fridge is now supplied with a reversible hinge as standard and as such can be installed as either a left or right handed hinge.

    Thetford N3080 Caravan and Motorhome Fridge Features:

    • Compact design
    • Manual power source selection
    • Securely closed door
    • Flexible bottle slide
    • 2 flexible white door bins
    • 2 flexible white shelves
    • Light grey framed door
    • Control panel
    • Power cables and gas inlet tube at the bottom-backside of the fridge
    • First class cooling performance
    • Quiet to run
    • Unsuitable for commercial or static building applications
    • 3-year guarantee
    • CE mark of quality, CFC-free and almost entirely recyclable
    • Please ensure you have measured the fridge correctly before purchasing, re-stock fees can apply if a fridge has been opened.
    • All gas appliances must be fitted by a qualified gas engineer, failure to do so can affect your warranty.
  • £29.99

    Truma Ultrastore cowl cover KBS2


    Truma Ultrastore cowl cover KBS2 fits from 1992-06/2006

  • £34.99

    Alde Antifreeze G12 – 4L


    G12++ Spec antifreeze, ready to use in the Alde system, suitable even for the Scandinavian winter. The silicated OAT corrosion inhibitor is compatible with the silicate-containing antifreezes used as standard by most UK vendors, but provides 5-year protection.

    G12++ Spec was launched by the Volkswagen Group in 2007, and is now used in Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, MAN, Porsche, Scania, SEAT, Škoda and VW vehicles. So it’s commonly available from anywhere you’d expect to buy antifreeze for your car engine radiator.

    We recommend G12++ Spec antifreeze, or G13 where available.

    • Capacity (bottle): 1 L or 4 L
    • Concentration: 50:50 (ready to use)
    • Frost Protection: -37°C
    • Corrosion Protection: 5 years
    • Dye Colour: Purple–Magenta
    • Contains ethylene glycol with silicated OAT
  • £44.99

    Automatic Change Over Regulator -2004 onwards



    Automatic Change Over Regulator – 2004 onwards

  • £14.99

    Hand Wheel Propane hose 1500mm


    Propane Hose Assembly – Hand Wheel 1500mm (TH15PRO)

  • £5.99

    Snap on Propane Compact Regulator


    Snap on Propane Compact Regulator

    Low pressure regulator

    IGT Type A127